Sex Positions to Help You Last Longer in Bed

By | April 1, 2016

There are many tips to help you (men) can last longer when having sex with your partner. Of course, you do not want to end it too soon or suddenly stop because you have ejaculated before you want. One of these tips to last longer in bed you should consider is the sex positions. You should try to change various sex positions in order to delay ejaculation. Find your positions that suitable and comfort for both of you and your partner.

ejaculation trainer - solution of how to last longer in bed

Here are some sex positions that are believed can help you last longer in bed:

  1. Missionary

This is the most basic and simple position to do. With this position, you can gain your control and pause when you want to prolong sex sessions.

missionary position

  1. Face to face spoon

This position can increase the connection between you and your partner and also can prolong the amount of romantic time between you and your partner.

face to face spoon position

  1. The Cross

Sound like a crossbow, does it? Yes, this position looks like forming the crossbow and arrow between you and your partner. At this position, you can also extend your romantic time in bed because you (man) must keep in position to maintain the balance.

the cross position

  1. Woman on Top

This is most favorite position for women to be able to control the situation. The key is to keep him last longer in bed is doing it slowly and pay attention to him and he can request pause time if he near to orgasm.

woman on top position

  1. Spoon

Spoon position is a classic position and easiest way to last longer in bed. This position does not over stimulate him so he should last longer.

spoon position

  1. Lap Dance

In this position, a woman takes control again. Just like Woman on top position, do it slow and steady to make him last longer. Lap dance position is the great alternative doggy-style sensation but can help him last longer.

lap dance position

  1. Stand & Carry

This is really standing position for you to do sexual intercourse. This position can help men to last longer because they must focus other parts besides genitals and hips. Make sure that men can hold and carry their women and have a good balance on legs. This is the reason to help him last longer in bed.

stand and carry position

  1. Knee Trembler

This position is same as Stand and Carry position but no one has to be carried. Men can easily penetrate here and they can focus in the right position and can last longer for a while.

knee-trembler position

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